Workshop in Izola


This time I was in Izola, where I had a beautiful view of Slovenian coast. I held an very interesting workshop on burnout and delegation.

I would like to share with you some highlights on delegating.

Delegating is important because you have more time to deal with people and motivate them, other than doing operational tasks. You have more time to plan and organize and deal with strategical tasks that are important for the development of the company.

We often think that if we delegate we will burden the workers. The other, good side of that is that they will develop competences and also it will show their capabilities and shortcomings.

We don’t delegate, when we should, because we don’t trust that the job will be done well. We might think we can do better.
Or think we are responsible, so we must stay in control, because we fear losing control.

Sometimes leaders don’t have time to deal with explanation how to do that job.
They might think it’s a waste of time. Also if the managers come from operational role they can have a hard time leaving their role behind.

To be more productive and a better leader delegate as much as possible.
Sometimes this can be a hard task to do, so make sure you have thought out thoroughly what tasks you will delegate, who you will delegate to, how you will assign the task, what obstacles you face when assigning and how will you evaluate if the task has been done right.

If you want to learn more, contact me. I will give you some exercises so you can practice.

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