2️ cities in 2️ weeks

Yes, 2️ cities in 2️ weeks. Had a blast traveling. Also enjoyed doing workshops for a company I have been working for a while now.

There is something so satisfying, when you work very hard and then see positive results and the clients are content and want to work with you more.

I can’t really say that these 2️ weeks were super easy. At times they were challenging. Because I had some health issues and also because I had to deal with my perfection.

I do have that problem, where I have to do everything 100%. If I don’t and if I get a bad review that sets hard on me.

What helped this time was that I have undergone some coaching sessions myself and talked about this issue and one also important thing happened. My perfection has obviously not been unnoticed by my clients. One of them pushed me out of my comfort zone and backed his request by saying that I don’t need to worry, because it is ok if I am not perfect all the time. If the workshop will not be the best, it will be.

That really comforted me and kind of healed a part of my issue I’m having.

I was less stressed this time. It was the least stressed workshop I have ever led.

We all have issues. Us, coaches are not an exception. But don’t think we are not credible because of that. That is exactly what makes us good – we have issues but we work through them and become better coaches because of that.

What vulnerabilities do you have, that you have to work on to be a better person?

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