My elevated skills

I have got my Integrative Constructivist Coaching Diploma.

It has elevated my coaching skills and I feel more confident. I learned a lot of new techniques that I have already tried in real life coaching sessions.
I definitely got more team coaching skills. Lately I just love working with teams. I think they are the heart of the company. With time I have realized you can’t do everything alone. Some things yes, but to be big and great you need support. And best things happen when you have a well worked team.
We put a lot of pressure on leaders. I know I do it as well. I still think that a good leader is a must for a team to work well. He brings all the team together. But the leader can’t do it on his own. He needs a good team to work with. And here is where team coaching comes in hand.
Also, it is important to involve stakeholders. They contribute to the vision – where are we going, what goals are we pursuing, what needs do we have to meet …?
And it comes down to this. A company is a system. Like a family. If you want to change anything in the family you need to change the system. The parents/leaders decide what is the goal, because they are responsible, the team/children and the rest have to cooperate.
And what is crucial here are relationships. Good relationships bring better cooperation.
We talk about burnout a lot and I agree that if a person is burned out, he/she has to work on him/her-self. But a person is a part of a larger system. If the system doesn’t change, then a person will go back to that thing, that is not healthy, because it caused burnout in the first place.
Whenever we see or feel we have a problem, we need to take a look at the larger scale and then find a solution. It may take a little more time and effort, but will be worth it in the end.

Hear me talk about the coaching training I have gone through in these last months with Koučing centar and Anastasija Andrić ICF ACC Coach, Yoga Instructor in the video below. 

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