Overcoming difficulties

I stumbled upon a “quote” that describes my current state of mind and body when I was reading a very interesting book.

This woman was frustrated because she had been in therapy for decades and still was talking and dealing with same issues she had dealt when she began therapy.

The therapist said to her: “When we are tired, we are attacked by the ideas we conquered long ago.”

This is a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche and it describes that we can work on ourselves and get better, but our issues don’t really go away, we just learn to deal with them. They don’t bother us as much, we learn how to control or comfort ourselves.
So, when we are feeling vulnerable, sick or have a bad day, these issues can come back and it can seem that we haven’t progressed at all.

When this happens we have to remember that we have conquered these issues and it is just a current state of mind that makes us think that we haven’t done anything at all.

In my current state of mind I do feel being attacked by my ideas how things should look like. And after reading this quote I got a different point of view.

2022 has been most unusual year for me, because I have done things that I have never done before. I moved out of my comfort zone and went on a totally different path. And that can be challenging.

This last week, before the end of the year I have physically and emotionally fallen into some same old patterns I have dealt with a long time ago.

After reading this wisdom I have realize that I’m having a bad week. I will be ok.

This is something I want you to take with you into the next year. The knowledge that everything will be ok. That you are brave. That you have moved forward. That this too shall pass.

Have a great year everybody and I mean it form the bottom of my heart.

How do you see this quote?

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